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Making Your Next House Painting Project Special

Want to make your next St. Francis house painting job really count? If so, you might want to think about all the cool things that CertaPro Painters can help you with in order to make your home truly unique. Here, we will talk about some techniques, finishes, and more that you can research and ask about for your next house painting job that will look unlike any other interior house painting that you have ever seen before.

Unexpected Techniques

There are plenty of unexpected techniques that you can incorporate into your St. Francis house painting plan. Don’t just settle for traditional paint and rollers, or simple paintbrushes. Instead, why not go for techniques like stippling, stenciling, rag rolling, or crackling. All of these techniques can add interesting textures and patterns to your walls. In some cases, they can make your walls appear older or more rustic. In other cases, they can make your walls appear as if they are covered in wallpaper without the expense or the hassle. A professional firm can help you to decide on and complete any of the special techniques listed above.

Cool Finishes

Want other ways to make your walls more unique during your house painting job? Why not try neat-o finishes unique to your house, or to different rooms? No longer can you only select from glossy, eggshell, or flat. You might want to try high-gloss paints for a real sheen, or perhaps go for different finishes based upon patterns, shapes on your walls, and more. Mix it up! Try semi-gloss paint for rooms that you want to seem well-lit. Satin finishes have a distinctive pearlescent finish that can look great in nearly any and every room.

Learning More

Want to learn more about textures, finishes, unexpected colors, and other techniques that can be used for your next house painting job. If so, simply contact your CertaPro painters about any St. Francis house painting project you might be contemplating. They can give you tips, hints, and ideas that they would be more than happy to help you with in your home. Remember, painting is the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to completely remake your home’s look on the inside.

Not only do CertaPro painters know how to tackle unusual painting projects, but we probably have a few techniques that you’ve never even heard of to make your home unique.

Give us a call today and we can make an appointment to come out and give you a free estimate on the St. Francis house painting project that you’re considering.