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Special Interior Painting Projects

Just like homes anywhere else, when you decide to take on a Ramsey house painting project, you may very well run into some special interior problems. Often times, home owners have questions about what they can and cannot paint, and the prep work that may be involved in special situations. Let the professionals at CertaPro Painters give you some insight on possible special interior house painting issues that you may encounter in your next interior painting job. Hopefully, this article will help you to know what you can expect.

Hardwood Floors

When it comes to hardwood floors, or taking up carpeting to instead paint your hardwood floors, you may wonder just how much work this would take yourself or the professional Ramsey house painting business that you contact to take care of the job. Basically, this can be done with a lot of sanding, prepping, stripping of old paint and varnish, if needed, and filling-in the floor with a water-based solution after pulling-up and disposing of your carpet. This may include more workers than just painters, though. Remember, the overall results of this job are typically only as good as the amount of time spent properly prepping the floor for painting.


What if you walls are covered with oh-so-once-cool paneling, and now you are thinking of painting over them during your next house painting job? Believe it or not, this can be done if the paneling is not actually made of wood, but some kind of faux wood. The professional Ramsey house painting pros that you contact will need to be trained for paneling jobs by filling-in the gaps as part of their interior wall prep before priming and then painting the wall with the color of your choice.

Plastered Walls

Plastered walls can be painted, but the prep needed to do this job can be a real headache. It can range from sanding down the plaster to actually pulling off the installed plaster from the studs. Sanding down is, by far, the easiest process of these two. When it comes to doing this as part of your next house painting job, you may want to contact your painter well in advance to ask them what they recommend you do to start prepping these walls for their painting work.

Yes, most of these things are not found frequently, but do come up from time to time. And that’s just another reason to call CertaPro painters. With all of our experience, there are very few, if any, painting situations that we have yet to encounter. So when thinking about your next Ramsey House Painting project, please give us a call.