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House Painting Jobs: Finding the Right Style and Color

Whether you want to go bold or traditional while considering what to do with your next East Bethel house painting job, we have some ideas for you. The professionals at CertaPro Painting can give you some tips on ways to choose the right color for your home’s next exterior paint job, neat ideas that can make your house really standout, as well as specialized exterior jobs that you may just want to consider as part of your next house painting package. Hopefully, this article can give you some ideas you have not considered before when it comes to painting a house in East Bethel, Minnesota.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Often times, the best color schemes coincide with what type of home style you have. For example, a craftsman style home always looks best in (and has normally always been painted in) earth tones, like greens, browns, light blues, and greys. Then, you can use either brighter or deeper colors to make things like shutters, window panes, or other accents truly pop. Other styles, like Colonial Revival homes, may also have traditional and newer color schemes to choose from. Look these up online before going to the paint shop or contact the color experts at your local CertaPro painter to get some ideas about this. They are painting professionals and can easily help you out with your East Bethel house painting color choices.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t think that your home has to be boring looking, or that the exterior of your home, after your next house painting job should look the same. Instead, opt for something new and unexpected. Great splashes of colors, patterns, stencil use, and more can all be done during your next exterior painting project. Such paint jobs can make your home look modern, and uniquely you.

Specialized Exterior Jobs

Think the only exterior house painting jobs that the pros at CertaPro Painters can help you with happen to be traditional jobs? Think again! We can help you to paint porches, porch floors, walkways, accents on your home, your whole home’s exterior, and much more. Even if your next house painting job is happening on the inside of your home, not the outside, we can still help. Give us a call today and let us know what we can do for you. You can even contact us for a free estimate for your job before we ever get started.

The next time you’re thinking about East Bethel house painting, please give CertaPro painters a call.