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Doing it Right: Tips for Your Blaine House Painting Project

Want to know how to do your Blaine house painting job right? The people at CertaPro Painters want to help you out with this, as well. Let us show you a few simple tips for getting your house painting job done right. You can also be sure that any professional you contact for your Blaine House Painting Project will also follow these tips.

Always Check for Lead Before Painting Your Home

Believe it or not, homeowners could (and did) still use lead paint on the exterior of home until the late 1970s. With this in-mind, if you are planning to do a house painting project on an older home, chances are that you could encounter lead paint of some type as you sand, scrape, wash, and blast away paint. How can you protect yourself? Be sure to always wear a respirator. If you contact professionals to help with your house painting, be sure to let them know that your home could have lead paint on the outside.

Don’t Skip the Hard Parts…Ever

There are many parts of a house painting that may seem time consuming, boring, and even useless. However, each of the steps from washing, to scraping, sanding, and using primer, is totally and completely necessary to make your house painting job look the absolute best that it can be. If you skip the hard parts, or if the company that you hire takes a shortcut to try to get the work done faster, chances are that the final product will not be what you expected, or will not look quite as great as it could have, otherwise.

Call a Professional to Paint Your House in Blaine

What is the easiest, surest way to be able to stay safe and get the job done right if you are considering painting your house anytime soon? To contact the professionals about your Blaine House Painting project of course.

For the best professionals in the area, look no further than those at CertaPro Painters. These painters have had years of experience, and their company has been around for years in the local community. You can even get a free job estimate from them if you give them a call today. Let them help you with your next exterior (or interior) home painting job. For a free estimate on your Blaine House Painting project, please contact us today.

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